ANSI 5010 End-To-End Testing Module Welcome Highmark



  • Single patient 5010 file

  • Batch 4010 file

  • Accommodates all types of specialities

  • User defined claim assignment

  • Automatic File Archive
    • Copy/edit created files
    • Alter data elements to stress test adjudication systems
    • Unlimited element access

  • An amazing tool - too many features to mention, test any specification element, seeing is believing!
  • C&S Corporation was asked to develop a 5010 testing module by one of the largest insurance payers in the industry. Their goal was the ability to enter a transaction to produce and send an electronic 5010 file directly to their internal testing environment. They wanted to be one of the first and largest organizations to announce, with confidence, that they are 5010 ready in 2010. C&S, using the Provision practice management solution, developed a fully flexible tool that allows the creation of both clean claims and those claims expected to fail internal editing on multiple levels.

    Make Provision your partner in testing

    This testing environment will streamline testing requirements and insure operational expectations. This module will reduce the amount of repetitive entry, reducing the number of FTE's thereby reducing bottom line project costs. Imagine announcing 5010 readiness, not only ahead of schedule, but under budget as well!