Audiology Inventroy and Tracking

Audiology Inventory Management and Tracking Highlights

Detailed Item master for comprehensive ordering and reporting
  • Included in cost is initial item master download from an excel spreadsheet
  • Sample fields-Manufacturer, model, vendor, technology, color and many more
Dispensing Ease
  • Single screen dispensing with order history
  • Date sensitive clinical data capture for degree of hearing loss
  • Ability to dispense from inventory a full package
Repair Tracking
  • Log reason for repair
  • Identify if repair done onsite or sent out Set a estimated return


Robust Reporting

Financial Reporting

  • One click access to cost, Profit, Productivity analysis
  • Drops straight to excel for ease of presentation
Repair Reporting
  • Drill down capability reason for repair, manufacture, color, technology, time length before returned.
  • Identify patients and tag and print personalized letters or labels for sending promotional information.
  • Send a recall to notify of pending warranty expiration
Patient query
  • Search by serial number in the event of a product recall
  • Report statistics

Patient Hearing Profile

Screen Shot Patient Hearing Profile

Patient Dispensing

Screen Shot Patient Dispensing

Report Menu

Screen Shot Report Menu