• Direct Launch from Provision

  • Insurance Formulary Information

  • Patients' Active Medication List

  • Patient Medication History and PBM history

  • Automated faxed Prescriptions to non-participating pharmacies

  • Drug to Drug Interaction Alerts

  • Formulary Alerts

  • Allergy Alerts

  • Secure Remote access to your patients' via web browser

Screen Shot Provision E-Prescribing DrFirst

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DrFirst logo About DrFirst
DrFirst has been a Surescripts Gold Solution Provider for three consecutive years with its award-winning, Rcopia electronic prescription management system. Founded in 2000, DrFirst creates innovative services targeted to physicians in both ambulatory and acute care environments. With a strong emphasis on products that link physicians, patients, pharmacies, and payers, DrFirst works to lower healthcare costs while improving clinical outcomes. DrFirst solutions are widely integrated with practice management and electronic medical records software through its "Open Borders" program, and the company counts among its client base not only physician practices, but major health plans, health systems, and EMR vendors. More information about DrFirst can be found at www.drfirst.com.