Data Conversions

Changing software packages is a huge decision and the big question is what about all of the demographic and financial information on the old system. Having your staff work two separate systems while temporary is not only time consuming but also fractures your historical data. Analytics will need to be run from two separate systems and will end up in two different formats making it difficult for you to evaluate your practice. From an accounting standpoint ensuring that accounts are in balance is quite the challenge. The best answer is to convert your legacy data, migrate it into your new software.

The C&S conversion team is a group of dedicated experienced staff who has the knowledge to convert your legacy data in any format and migrate it into your new software package.

Legacy data consists of multiple different blocks of information that can be converted and our team will review the options and work with you to determine what would be in the best interest of your practice.

  • Legacy data to consider for Conversion
  • Patient demographic information
  • Patient historical and future appointment information
  • Patient historical and future recall information
  • Referral and Authorization information
  • Patient comment and message information
  • Patient financial information
  • Provider and Insurance data tables

C&S has a data conversion philosophy that is not shared by many in the industry. You will not get billed until your data lands safely into your new software package. Once our team has received the agreed upon formatted files they will convert your legacy data into a segregated training are for your review. Once you review your data and sign off on its content a date will be selected to do a final conversion into your new software package, then you will receive a bill from C&S. Timelines for conversions are set up with the staff training schedule, with the intention that your staff will be training on your data, making your transition to your new product as smooth as possible.