EHR solutions and Provision

Myth Buster:

Single Solution is the best solution.

Some companies will try to pressure you that the only way to go is "single source" or single company solution. Meaning "take our EHR and PM because that is the only way to have it work smoothly." This is not the case--our interface to an EHR product will work in the background without any user-intervention, and it will not adversely affect your billing and cash flow. Usually these single-source solutions start as one product, either an EHR or PM, and, as a marketing strategy, they purchase or "white-label" someone else's product. Then they just write an interface to it. The downside is the product that they developed may have been strong, but the product they purchased is less than stellar, but they saw packaging and pricing advantages by hitting the market with a single-source.

C&S believes that you are entitled to the best-of-breed,
which is why we are willing to interface to any EHR that you choose.

Preferred EHR Partners ●●● Select a preferred partner and receive special interface pricing.

AdvantaChart BabySentry exscribe Orthopaedic EyeMD EMR FLEXSYS GEMMS MdIntellesys Modernizing Medicine phoenixortho Sevocity SRS Health

Other Active EHR Interfaces:

Provision clients have seamless interfaces to these EHR products.

● Accumen EHR ● Allmeds ● Allscripts ● ChartCare ● Chartlogic ● Clinix ● GE Centricity

EHR's used by Provision clients that have chosen no integration or integration is not available from the EHR product

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