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Increased demands and higher patient volumes make automating as many functions as possible the key to practice success.
Provision allows users to "set it and forget it" for many day to day tasks.

What can be Automated?

What can be removed from your "To Do" list

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Provision software can be set to collect future appointments based on your parameters and submit eligibility requests so that you know in advance if you need to resolve insurance eligibility issues. The software will continue to look for changes to the appointments within your time frame to capture any newly entered appointments. This give your practice the ability to work rejected eligibility before the patient presents in

 Claim Submission

You select the day(s) and the time(s) and your claims will automatically be sent to your carrier. An email will be sent to the designated email address alerting you to the status of your claim submission. At any time you can access an automated claim history archive to review all submission.

 Electronic Payment File Import

At intervals designated by you Provision will run in the background to go out and retrieve electronic payment files. It is fully flexible and can be set to retrieve files once a day, every two hours or even every hour depending upon the needs of your practice.

 Patient Statements

Using the vendor partner of your choice, Provision can send your patient statement files via secure export interface. Practices have the ability to trigger this on demand or Provision can be set up to build and export a file automatically based on practice preferences. Submitting to a third party vendor saves FTE time, no more folding and stuffing envelopes. Vendor partners also offer additional features such as e-billing and payment online. Provision will make it easy for you to collect your patient balances.

 Appointment Reminders

Based on your practice requirements Provision will collect appointment information and send a file to your third party partner so they can phone, text or email your patients to remind them of their appointment

 Patient Recalls

Would you like patients to be called, texted, mailed or emailed a reminder that it is time for them to schedule a follow up appointment? You set the patient up for the recall before they leave your office and Provision can be set up to automatically send a file to your third party partner when it is time to remind your patient it is time to call for your next appointment. Meet meaningful use by making sure that you connect with your patients and remind them when they need to call to be seen again.